The Dense Forests of Sweden

Hiking in Stockholm

I took this photo while hiking around one of the islands in the Stockholm archipelago off the coast of Sweden. After a few hours on a ferry, we arrived on the island and set off to explore. We entered a dense forest and found ourselves on a dirt path that snaked through acres of beautiful trees. Just a few minutes off the boat, and it felt like we had the entire island to ourselves.

Melissa Nyman

Melissa NymanA storyteller at heart, Melissa is a writer and Washington, DC-based portrait photographer. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and has a graduate certificate in documentary film-making. Melissa grew up in Philadelphia, PA and, among other travels, has spent time studying abroad in Ireland and Prague. Currently, Melissa is the Assistant Director of Alumni Marketing & Communications at George Washington University. In her spare time, she is a contributing editor to En Route Traveler and  loves editing photos, veg cooking, running, and planning trips with friends and family.


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