8 Gift Ideas for the Global Foodie

Gift Ideas for the Global Foodie

‘Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry! Food isn’t only the way to a person’s heart, it is the language of culture. These culinary gift ideas are sure to keep the global foodie in your life satisfied and inspired.

Divine ChocolatesA Gift Set from Divine Chocolate

These chocolates are made with heart. Divine chocolate is the only Fair Trade company that is owned by its farmers. A co-op of farmers in Ghana share in the profits and their ownership of the company gives them a stronger voice in the cocoa farming community. You can indulge in this chocolate gift knowing you are also giving back. Holiday gifts range from $9.00-$40.00

Ayurvedic Pukka TeasPukka Tea

Pukka is a UK-based company passionate about finding the best quality ingredients from around the world for its teas. All its herbs are grown in sustainably managed certified organic projects. Pukka develops long-term relationships with its farmers, inspecting the soil, water, and plants to bring provide the best that nature has to offer. On top off all that, the company produces delicious, award-winning teas that enhance any mood. For a cold winter’s day, try the warming Revitalise blend made from cinnamon bark, ginger root, clove, elderflower and orange peel. A box of 20 tea bags starts at $4.00 on Amazon»

Coexist CoffeeCoexist Coffee

Coexist Coffee is grown by a Ugandan Fair Trade cooperative, Mirembe Kawomera, with members from the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish communities who farm together to produce organic, small batch coffee. Every bag provides one child with a week of access to a school, books, supplies, uniforms, and two meals a day. Starts at $13.95 a bag»

Slingshot Iced Coffee

Slingshot Coffee CompanyThose in warmer climates may prefer a refreshing cup of iced coffee during the holidays. Slingshot Coffee Company is based in Raleigh, NC. It hand brews and bottles in small batches using only two ingredients — quality, in-season, single-origin, organic coffee beans roasted locally by Counter Culture Coffee; and filtered tap water. They offer ready-to-drink and concentrate cold brew options. To celebrate the season, try Slingshot’s Decembrist recipe, a combination of concentrated Slingshot Cold Brew with egg nog and bourbon poured over ice. Two-pack variety package, $17.00»

Salt from Ile de RéHand Harvested Salt from Ile de Ré, France

This naturally flavorful salt has been harvested by hand since the 7th century from the sea surrounding the island of Ré on France’s Atlantic coast. The waters  yield salts rich in minerals that tastes of the sea. Its flavor is delicate yet complex, making it a great finishing salt. Fleur de Sel is sought by connoisseurs for its incomparable flavor, delightful consistency, and natural richness. 8.8 oz white salt from Willima Sonoma  for $14.95; 14.3 oz. gray variety (richer in nutrients) available at Amazon for $10.20»

Port City Beer

Port City TidingsPort City Brewing Company is an artisanal brewery outside of Washington, DC that produces an innovative line of handmade, quality, locally crafted beer. Its Optimal Wit was named the 2013 World Beer Championships Gold Medalist by the Beverage Testing Institute. The Tidings is a seasonal Belgian style blonde ale perfect for the holidays—it’s gently spiced with coriander, cardamom, fresh ginger and grains of paradise. Visit Port City’s website to locate stores that carry brews»

Ancho PeppersWhole Dried Ancho Chile Peppers

Anchos are dried Poblano peppers with a mild to medium heat. Their flavor is somewhat sweet and mild with smokey, fruity undertones of raisin and plum. Anchos are a staple in Mexican cuisine and make a great addition to sauces, enchiladas, tamales, stews, and beans and rice. 8 oz bag from The Latin Products, $8.00»


Tagines are heavy pots traditionally from North Africa that are used to cook stews—think of them as the original slow cooker! They are used to make savory concoctions like Moroccan pumpkin and chickpeas, vegetable couscous, or chicken with apricots and almonds. We like this handmade tagine sold by the fair trade organization, Ten Thousand Villages. Etched Lombok Tagine, $49.00»

Lara Dalinsky
Lara Dalinsky

Lara was instilled with the travel bug at an early age and has visited over 25 countries. Her mother’s job as a flight attendant enabled a childhood of seeing the world. In addition to being the founding editor of En Route Traveler, Lara also works as the Art Director for the branding firm, Belmont Inc., in Alexandria, VA. In her spare time, she instructs high-energy Zumba dance classes, contributes as a Local Expert to AFAR, enjoys vegetarian cuisine, dabbles in photography and, of course, travels as much as possible.

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