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  • The Wythe Hotel

    Wythe Hotel: a Stay in the Band Room

    A review of the Wythe Hotel’s elusive Band Room.

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  • Angkor Wat

    Day 2: Angkor Archaeological Park

    Our day in Angkor Wat was one of the most mystical days I’ve ever experienced. For years, I yearned to visit the archeological complex of temples, monuments, and canals after reading about it in National Geographic. The 400 square kilometer site is recognized as a …

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  • Chicago boats feature image

    Chicago Boats

    Sometimes a great shot requires both expertise and dumb luck.

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  • Layeres Feature Image

    Photo Essay: Layers

    Whenever I travel, I seek out walls with built up layers of paint, patchworks of posters, or graffiti. People often pass by these scenes without realizing how these collages offer an authentic glimpse into the history of everyday life. What makes these vignettes special is …

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  • Quote Utah Lara Buddha Feat

    Better to Travel Well

    “It is better to travel well than to arrive.”

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  • How to Stay Fuelled for a Long Journey

    How to Stay Fueled for a Long Journey

    Kathleen shares her secrets on staying healthy, energized, and fueled on a long trip.

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  • Camb Feat1

    Day 1: Arrival in Siem Reap

    Our journey in Cambodia began after spending a week in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The flight took less than an hour, but we ended up waiting in the customs line for longer amidst a buzzing crowd of French and Korean tourists. Hot and tired, …

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  • Hanging in Oia

    Hanging in Oia

    A minor mishap in Greece results in a memorable photograph.

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  • Angkor Wat Sunrise

    Itinerary: 4 Days in Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Explore ancient archeological temples. Hike dense, tropical jungles. Observe life in a floating village. Indulge in sumptuous spa treatments. Sample the subtly spiced flavors of Cambodian cuisine. Siem Reap offers a wide range of treasures for the adventurous soul.

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  • Finding the Right Hiking Boots

    Finding the Right Hiking Boots

    Your feet take you from the first step though the last mile of a trip. Take care of them. If you don’t, they’ll let you know in painful detail. Hiking boots are the most important piece of hiking gear that you’ll buy, so be smart or be miserable.

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