Photo Essay: Incredible India

Driving through India was incredible, I couldn’t bear to blink for fear that I might miss something amazing. I peered out of the window the entire time, from New Delhi to Agra to Jaipur to Himachal Pradesh, and all the way up the mountains to McLeodanj where the Dalai Lama lives.

I saw some amazing things: the romantic Taj Mahal, glimpses of colorful saris in the streets, and friendly Indian smiles. I saw some crazy things: a camel and elephant waiting at a stop light in traffic and hostile monkeys that you can’t make eye contact with. I also saw some heartbreaking things: a young girl crying because she was being married to a man she had never met and an elderly man who fell off his bike in the midst of busy traffic and bled onto the street. Each moment added something not only to my experience, but to my understanding of life in India and even life itself.

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About the Author

Nina Staer NathanNina Staer Nathan works in marketing and lives in Toronto, Ontario. She is an aspiring photographer who believes that this passion goes hand in hand with her marketing career. It also goes well with her other love: travel. Nina has traveled to numerous countries—as far as Thailand and India, and as close as Costa Rica and Mexico. She is always planning her next trip and dreaming of the amazing photo opportunities she will encounter. Visit her website at

What was the most amazing thing you’ve seen in India? Share your experiences in the Comment section below.

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  1. Sreekumar
    SreekumarMarch 27,14

    Your images shows true color of India. India is very beautiful country from north to south and east to west ! There is a snow and amazing places to watch in North India and if you moved to south india there is beautiful Kerala where you can enjoy the beauty of Hill Stations , back waters, houseboats and beaches. India is best place for tourists !

    • Lara Dalinsky
      Lara DalinskyMarch 27,14

      Thanks for the kind words, Sreekumar! It sounds like India has a wide variety of highlights to offer every type of traveler. We will definitely be covering more of this diverse country in the future.