Photo Essay: Vancouver Island

Photo Essay: Vancouver Island

There is a reason they call it “Beautiful British Columbia” and Vancouver Island is at the top of the list of reasons why. I am lucky to have spent much of the last year exploring on this Canadian island and temperate rainforest, home to so many wonders. From the Comox Valley Glacier to the majestic 800-year-old trees in Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island is host to some of nature’s best offerings. Each season brings new colors, smells, activities, plants, and animal life to its 760,000 residents and many visitors.

Shifts in the weather within a season or just from one area of the Island to the next are subtle sometimes — storm clouds slowing rolling over Mt. Benson, pathways beginning to smell like blackberries in the middle of summer — and much more noticeable others — a ten degree temperature drop as you near the oceanfront in the capital city of Victoria, endless rain and fog up north in Tofino, hot summer days in the valley of Port Alberni.

Regardless of the location, season, or weather, the Island always finds a way to show its beauty.

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Amanda OliverAmanda Oliver is a writer and traveler. She recently left a career as a librarian to pursue writing full time. Travel continues to challenge her strengths and weaknesses in both writing and life and she would not have it any other way. You can see more writing and adventures on her website and Tumblr and by following her on Instagram and Twitter.


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