Moss Covered Madrones of Redwood Regional Park

Madrone Trees

Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, CA (photo by Andrea Hackman)

I took this photograph in Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, CA where I go for weekly four-mile hikes. It always feels a bit magical at this point on the trail—the light drops off as the foliage grow thicker and the moss covered branches of the madrone trees add to the effect. The way this particular group of trees stretches out is particularly striking, as if they are all permanently suspended in a back-bend. California is experiencing a drought right now, and the weekend this photo was taken was the first meager bit of rain we’ve received during this year’s “rainy season.” The rain brought mist, adding the right amount of moodiness and prompting me to record the scene.

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Andrea HackmanAndrea Hackman enjoys the thrill of exploring new places and cultures, especially those in warm climates: Indonesia, Botswana, Nicaragua,Mexico—but Paris and London will do any time as year as well! Andrea, a native of the Washington DC area, is a curatorial assistant at SFMOMA. She is currently busy exploring the environs of her new home base, the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out her photography work at


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