#beachuations: musings from OCMD

#beachuations: Musings from Ocean City, Maryland

While it’s cool to head to Ocean City, Maryland to sit on the sand, jump some waves, drink a ‘rita and watch the kids, it’s just as cool to do all of the above while doodling (provided you don’t get sand in your pens)!

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I Been Beachin
Thrashers French Fries
Hot Crabs
Sun Burn
Dive Deep
Sand in Your Suit
Fly Your Kite
Last Day, Sad Day, Rad Day (Before)
Last Day, Sad Day, Rad Day (Before)
About the author

Katherine WarminskyKatherine is a designer, illustrator, and recent obsessive calligrapher. She lives in the Shaw/U Street neighborhoods of Washington, DC with her husband, a rockin’ journalist; her son, an avid storyteller; her old and crotchety cat; and her brainless, but lovable dog. She grew up traveling and living around the world from South America to London and plans to continue to do so with her family.

You can find Katherine on Instagram @khwdc2011 and see more of her 9-5 work on her website: katherinewarminsky.com. Check back on her site, Twitter,  and Instagram often within the next few months as she plans to announce the opening of her as yet to be named etsy store for commissioned hand-lettered and calligraphic work.

What’s your favorite beach tradition? Share your answer in the reply section below.

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