The Art of Jade Robertson

Jade Roberston: An Artist Inspired by Her Surroundings

Jade Robertson is a textile artist who creates silkscreens, prints, and water colors by hand, often integrating these mediums into digital designs and hand-painted scans. She is intrigued with how different regions of the world share certain characteristics in art, food, and culture. Areas with warm climates and bright sunlight seem to evoke bigger, bolder, noisier shapes, tastes, and sounds. Huddled to conserve energy, colder regions feel less expansive and, in consequence, convey a tighter, more economical aesthetic.

Jade currently seeks inspiration from her surroundings in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Influenced by the island’s sea, sky, flora, and fauna, she uses vibrant colors and compositions to create fluidity and movement in her art. Leaf forms, shafts of light, and the half-seen allude to her tropical environ. Discover more of her work at

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 About the Artist

Jade RobertsonJade Robertson was born in north of England. After completing a degree in printed textile design, she spent the next 11 years in New York City designing for textile print studios and fashion houses. She currently resides in Vieques, Puerto Rico, where she continues to design and paint.


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