Playa Maderas in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua (photo by Lara Dalinsky)

Music Playlist: Waves Crashing

Cool down with music inspired by waves crashing on the beach during sunset. This Spotify playlist celebrates summer’s end by combining rhythmic beats with a hint of nostalgic and bittersweet tunes from indie artists like Beach House, Washed Out, and Neon Indian.

What song reminds you of sunset? Share your music recommendations in the reply section below.

Lara Dalinsky
Lara Dalinsky

Lara was instilled with the travel bug at an early age and has visited over 25 countries. Her mother’s job as a flight attendant enabled a childhood of seeing the world. In addition to being the founding editor of En Route Traveler, Lara also works as the Art Director for the branding firm, Belmont Inc., in Alexandria, VA. In her spare time, she instructs high-energy Zumba dance classes, contributes as a Local Expert to AFAR, enjoys vegetarian cuisine, dabbles in photography and, of course, travels as much as possible.

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