Photo Essay: Faces of India

The most gratifying travel experiences I’ve had have been those with a purpose. I don’t mean realizing a goal like reaching a summit or finding a special restaurant (although those goals aren’t to be negated). I mean travel with a beneficial objective. Purpose-driven experiences like volunteering, helping World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), nannying—whatever your calling—make a trip more meaningful and enriching.

In 2010, I spent time in a remote town in western India, teaching basic computer skills and English at The Merasi School—and I will never forget the intensely formative experiences I had there. I believe that I was shaped, in a way, by the eerily insightful conversations I had with members of this particular group of people. To say that it was life-altering is an understatement, and I’m so glad I took the time to make portraits of many of the people I met while I was there.

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Have you ever taken a purpose-driven trip? Tell us about it and the impact it left with you. We may feature your story as one of our upcoming posts!

Adam Warner

Adam WarnerAdam lives in Washington, DC and is a Computational Linguist. Never heard of that? Don’t worry—you and everyone else. Adam has lived all over the United States and also abroad in Korea and India, where he taught ESL and computer skills. Adam wrote the blog, I am the Narwhal, with travel tips and ideas for exploring East Asia. His passions include planning for new adventures, photography, good beer, and dog whispering.

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