Photo Essay: Land of Milk and Honey

Israel is beautiful. It is rich with culture and history—there is something new to learn almost everywhere you look. For a place with so much history and that is constantly at war with its neighbors, it is remarkably easy to find smiles in the faces of its people. From the bustling city markets, to the large expanses of desert, to the lively nightlife of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, or to the wondrous Dead Sea, Israel is a place that I definitely intend to visit again.

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About the Author

Nina Staer NathanNina Staer Nathan works in marketing and lives in Toronto, Ontario. She is an aspiring photographer who believes that this passion goes hand in hand with her marketing career. It also goes well with her other love: travel. Nina has traveled to numerous countries—as far as Thailand and India, and as close as Costa Rica and Mexico. She is always planning her next trip and dreaming of the amazing photo opportunities she will encounter. Visit her website at

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