Being in the Serengeti

Photo Essay: The Seregenti Experience

It is not in me, I am in it.

I heard this phrase in a Bhagavad Gita class a few years ago. The lesson was about remaining emotionally and mentally centered and at peace in a changing yet constant environment. What does that have to do with the Serengeti? The Serengenti is an experience, ever changing and yet remarkably constant. Our presence was a window into that balance.

Initially, we drove around the “endless plain where the lands meets the sky” (Masai for Serengeti) with the desire to accomplish a goal—see the big five in Africa. Indeed the animals were amazing and uninhibited by our presence. Their every move and gaze was clear ownership of their environment. But, the experience was about so much more than just animals. With every turn on the vast plain where the tall grass whispered, the wind hummed, and the animals spoke, we were forever changed. Soon, we realize that our level of control and ability to influence our world was no greater than nor no less than being a drop in the sea—consequential as being part of the whole. Our experience was inspiring and intoxicating. We wouldn’t realize its impact until we returned home and, to this day, have a longing to go back.

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Anjuma K. Goswami is an attorney with the Department of Defense. Although she loves her career, she has a passion for the arts including poetry and photography and is a formally trained Indian classical dancer. As a child, she was mesmerized by each and every issue of the National Geographic magazine.

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  1. larkycanuck
    larkycanuckNovember 5,13

    were you able to plan a Serengeti trip for under $2500

  2. Anjuma
    AnjumaNovember 17,13

    Our trip was 10 days long. We went to Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar. Door to door it was about $6,000 a person. We really enjoyed it but it is not a cheap trip.

  3. Mikhail
    MikhailMay 5,14

    Hello Anjuma K. Goswami, i like your good post. A Seregenti safari Experience in Africa is a good place to visit but it is not a budget safari. It’s a excellent safari. The pics are good. Good information shared with us. Thank you Anjuma.

  4. Meghan
    MeghanMay 15,16

    Beautiful pictures Anjuma!!! I think the cheetah (2 of 12) may be my favorite . . . Hope all is well!!