Photo Essay: Watchful Waiting

In India, there is an interesting picture around every corner. The backdrops, the vibrant colors, the people—something always catches your eye. There is also a lot of waiting in India: waiting to enter a temple, waiting to be picked up, or waiting for your friends to finish shopping. Each of these photos was taken while I was waiting for the next thing to happen. When you stand still, you get to see how the world flows around you; you get to catch moments of peoples’ lives as they pass in and out of yours.

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Jeanette Lee

Jeanette LeeJeanette is a contributing editor to En Route Traveler who enjoys exploring the United States and faraway places like India, Belize, and Korea. She works in the Washington, DC metropolitan area as an attorney and Registered Yoga Teacher. Jeanette creates yoga practices that connect our modern city-dwelling selves back to the natural cycles of life; learn more on her website:

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