Photo Essay: Lisbon Lines

I love taking pictures wherever I go. This was my second time to Portugal. During this trip, I focused my photography on the architecture and design of the city.  There’s something fascinating about the way the color and lines of the city interact with the daylight, water, and sky.

Click on any photo to view the full gallery with captions.

About the Photographer

Catherine Wise is a New Yorker who loves Frontline, animal videos on YouTube and studying maps (domestic and international). She dreams of becoming a vegan but can’t quit dairy. Follow her on Instagram @wisecatherine.

Where do you like to wander in Lisbon? Share your recommendations below.

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  1. larkycanuck
    larkycanuckOctober 31,13

    I loved the photos. I wish though you had done a slideshow instead of mosaic as it gets tiring to click on each photo to view large image and then click back button to get back to rest of photos.

    • Lara Dalinsky
      Lara DalinskyOctober 31,13

      Thanks, Larkycanuck! Once a photo is clicked in the gallery, you should be able to scroll through them by pressing the cursor keys or the small arrows below the pics. If that’s not working, let me know what device/platform you’re viewing it on and we can test to make sure the navigation is functioning properly.