Psychedelic Istanbul

Istanbul is a juxtaposition of historic and modern. While traveling through the city, I soaked in colossal sites of mosques, palaces, and the Bosphorus. But the one thing I could not get enough of were the psychedelic lamps that glowed brightly in the Turkish street shops. Each time I look at this picture, I am mesmerized by the lamps’ intricacies and am transported back to my time in Istanbul.


Ashwini Umarji is a photographer in the Washington, DC metro area. Follow her work at

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  1. halfwhiteboy
    halfwhiteboyOctober 30,13

    pure awesomeness. i’d love to visit istanbul someday…


    • Lara Dalinsky
      Lara DalinskyOctober 31,13

      It’s an amazing city full of contradictions: old vs. new and east meets west. Surprisingly, there’s still quite a vibrant, youthful energy – especially in neighborhoods like Beyoglu that are filled with hopping cafés, bars, and boutiques.