Sunrise in Santhiya


Sunrise in Santhiya

Sunrise in Santhiya (photo by Laurie Menser)

This picture was taken off my veranda in at the Santhiya Koh Phangan Resort & Spa at sunrise. Everyone talks about the incredible beach sunsets in Thailand.  Unfortunately, the section of the Santhiya where I was staying faces the wrong direction—the sun disappears behind the mountains before any of the good action starts. I was sad after hauling my DSLR camera all the way to Thailand.

By strange coincidence, a bird woke me up on this morning, way earlier than I think is civilized. The light in my room was pink so I opened the curtains to find out why.  I grabbed my camera and ran outside in my pajamas to catch what I saw. Turns out a sunrise CAN be as amazing as a sunset.  It was stunning.  Hauling my 7 lbs. camera bag around the world was worth it, even if this is the only picture I take.

About the Photographer

Laurie Menser is a Marketing and Development Director for a non-profit association of scientists in Bethesda, MD.  She lives in Rockville, MD with Olive, The Wonderdog, and aims to hit up every continent by the time she turns 40. Only one left to go! (Ugh, Antarctica why are you so hard to get to?)

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